Friday, April 26, 2013

A Closer Look - Melbourne Autumn Dress

This was one of the few vintage items I bought at Melbourne on my trip there last December.  The store I bought it from was not on my shopping itinerary and it was only by luck that I saw it as I left the Windsor Station onto Chapel Street.  I think the name of the store was 'Treasure Trove' but I can't find any web presence for them.

The two gents running the store were lovely and they had some fantastic stock including a gorgeous 50s skirt and top set which sadly didn't fit across my bust/back.

Melbourne Autumnal Dress

Bought from: Treasure Trove, Chapel Street (Near Windsor Station), Melbourne
Paid:  $80
Era:  1960s or late 1950s.
Fabrics: A polyester (possibly Dacron) synthetic fabric with very little texture with a slight sheen, in dark blues, olives, orange, browns and dusty pinks.

Interesting facts:   The dress was in nearly perfect condition when I bought it.  I thought "This is so close to new that it's almost deadstock!"  After wearing it a few times, I understand why!   The stiffness of the fabric and the way it moves when I walk causes it to puff up like a little t-pee around my belly in a really odd way.  If it did the same thing to the original owner, I am not surprised that it only got worn a few times!  I've tried wearing a petticoat underneath to try to solve the problem but with no luck so far.  I might consider trying to weight the hem in some way...

Worn in oufits: here and here and here.

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  1. It's a shame that the dress does that. I really love it on you.