Monday, April 1, 2013

A few outfits for late Summer

 I have been wearing vintage pieces on an almost daily basis but had so few chances to get photos of the outfits I've been putting together.  These outfits are from throughout February and March.

I solemnly swear that I'll be more diligent in ensuring I get outfit shots from now on...

 Dress:  60s purple and pink plaid dress (Bess Georgette Etsy)
 Shoes: Wittner pink ballet flats.

Accessories:  soft purple headscarf, pink bag, 50s pink bracelet and small pearl earrings.

  Blouse:  70s yellow and pink floral silken blouse (Atomic Martini Vintage)
Jeans: Dark blue Levis Demifit.
headscarf -yellow sheet headscarf (Chapel St Bazaar, Melbourne)
 Shoes: Wittner pink ballet flats.
Accessories:  green carved bangle (Remember When - Kustom Kraft Show Dec '12). 

Dress:  50s embroidered eyelet blue dress (Cassie's Corner, Way We Wear '13)
 Shoes:Wittner navy and white platforms
Accessories:  Mimco headband, pearl earrings, carved white bangle (Fat Helen's at Chapel St Bazaar) and navy headscarf used as a belt (stall in Chapel St Bazaar).  

Dress:  50s dacron mustard coloured skirt and top set (Cassie's Corner, BVFF Gold Coast '12)
Jacket - Lovers black business jacket. 
 Shoes:Target black leather pointed pumps
Accessories: Jacqui-E black drop earrings, Kate Hill black handbag, Sportsgirl black crochet beret with a gold medieval design brooch.


  1. That blue eyelet dress looks absolutely adorable on you. And those shoes! Want!

    1. Mel - Thank you. (^_^)

      I love the navy shoes too - and they were an absolute steal at the Wittner outlet shop in the city.

      I think I should probably buy stocks in Wittner shoes. Their loyalty card is one of the only ones left in my purse these days and over half my shoes are that brand.