Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Carte Postale - Part I

I've always been fond of letter writing though I'm usually a bit slack about getting to a postbox.  (My poor little Sister received a letter that I had written a year before finally posting it!)  So when I saw a box of postcards for $2 while hunting on the Garage Sale Trail I snapped them up gleefully.

The postcards are reprints of posters from Paris during the Belle Epoque period, all of them with a feline theme, which suited me quite well.

After watching the first installment of the TV production of "Going Postal" (an adaptation of the Terry Pratchett novel) I was full of aspirations of single-handedly supporting the modern postal service.... I'm ambitious like that!   I decided that a good start was to get a move on writing and sending my cards. 

I penned up a brief message on the back of the first postcard.   I attached a stamp to the back and made plans to slip it in a postbox while on my walk the next morning.

It sat on my desk, such a pretty card, a lovely item in itself, and I felt a bit sad that to send it out I had to first give it up.  I couldn't keep the pretty things for myself if I wanted to be a thoughtful friend sending heartfelt messages on lovely cards...

So I did the only thing I could to save a copy for myself - I took a photo of it, collected with other items in a kind of simple vignette.  I felt very satisfied.  I could send a "piece of my heart" on a carte postale to my friend and keep the memory of owning/sending it via the photo.  Result!

Below is a collection of all the photos I've taken of each of the postcards before posting them off to friends and family.

There are more cards to come - so watch for Carte Postale Part II in the future!