Saturday, May 11, 2013

A few outfits from April

Despite promises to get more shots of my outfits it hasn't been happening.  Because of a change of jobs (a secondment to a different role in my team) my month has been full of corporate wear and only a few vintage outfits. Also, the onset of early evenings as we head into Autumn combined with a number of later work evenings means by the time I get home it's too dark to take photos (and I'm a little exhausted!) 

But here are a few outfits that I've been donning throughout April.

Dress:  60s Navy, Red and Olive Paisley dress (Remember When) 
Hat: red 60s cap-style hat from a bulk hat ebay buy  Shoes: Wittner raspberry red platform sandles. Accessories: pearl earrings and a heather and thistle enamel brooch (Kijaro - Love Vintage Show)

I've been wanting to buy a thistle and heather brooch for a long while now and was so pleased to finally snag one! 

Dress:  60s green cotton dress (Cassie's Corner)
  Cardigan: Printed Darlene sweater with pearl buttons (Denisebrain Etsy Store)
 Shoes: Naturaliser olive t-bar heels
Accessories: pearl earrings, coral headscarf

Dress:  50s hot pink and burgundy paisley Summer frock (Bess Georgette Etsy Store)
  Jacket: burgundy velvet blazer
 Shoes: Wittner pink ballet flats
Accessories: pearl earrings, pink headscarf, pink cat brooch (on the jacket lapel)

It's interesting how red the paisley dress looks in that photo when it really is a lot more of a maroon/burgundy shade in real life. 

I hope you are all enjoying the change of weather - hot Summer days moving to temperate cool (or cold, frosty Winter warming to lovely Spring for any Northern Hemisphere readers!)

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