Sunday, April 21, 2013

Love Vintage Show - Brisbane 2013

The Love Vintage Show in 2012 blew my mind and my budget so you can imagine I was bouncing off the walls on the opening day of the 2013 show.

We Brisbanites had already seen the Sydney Love Vintage Show come and go, living vicariously through bloggers down South and so we were chomping at the bit for our own to start.

I got to the door nice and early on Friday night, in time to watch the Charlston dancers.  They didn't get more than a handful of audience participants which must have been disappointing for them.  I didn't join in because I have two left feet and didn't want to risk the public humiliation of falling on my petticoated arse.

As soon as I got inside I began to feel overwhelmed.  The number of stalls!  The colours!  The textures!  The cuteness!  Where to start?

PoisonedKitty, Excited Miss E and I decided on a plan of action.  We would start at the left and go aisle by aisle, not to be mislead off-track by distractions.  This plan led us past the excellent display by Kitty's Vintage Kitsch & the Store that Time Forgot and to the wedding dress display by a Cavalcade of Fashion .

I saw plenty a thing I wanted.  I saw plenty a thing that didn't fit.  I saw plenty a thing that I couldn't afford.  Often an item fell into all three categories.  It was nice to see some stalls with vintage goods rather than just rack after rack of clothes.

I caught up with a number of friends over the course of the evening, amongst them were the stunning Miss Mae Em, Lovely C,  Lady A and her sweet Mama J, and Darling L.  The evening became a little hectic with the trickle of early comers turning into a heavy crowd.  The stalls became a blur so that I couldn't remember where I'd seen that dress I'd been going to try on or that stall with great priced brooches....

I should have taken a timeout to watch things
I ended the night with only a necklace, bracelet, a lace edge handkerchief and two lace collars. (Also a free Pinup Skool magazine and a photo booth shot of myself and PoisonedKitty.  I was a sad panda.

So I went back on Sunday with my wonderful friend Mel who has previously flirted with the idea of vintage styles but not yet taken the plunge.  It was her day!  We found a sky blue 50s dress which looked virtually unworn.  It fit her to perfection.   It was at the right price.  Magic happened!

We wandered.  We purchased.  We left poorer but much happier. 

My loot from both days:
  • Mint and white polka dot full length housecoat (Adore Vintage)
  • Chocolate brown and beige pleated Janzten skirt (Carousel Clothing)
  • Navy dacron 60s dress (Remember When) 
  • Clear cut glass necklace (Nelly Bligh Antiques)
  • White lucite expandable bracelet (Gold Coast Glitz)
  • Lace edged Handkerchief (A Cavalcade of Fashion)
  • Antique collars (A Cavalcade of Fashion)
  • Pinup Skool magazine
  • 2 x free Love Vintage photo booth printouts. 
  • Two vintage buckles (Kijaro Vintage)
  • Thistle and Heather enamel brooch (Kijaro Vintage)

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