Monday, January 21, 2013

All's Rosy - Outfit Post

Living in my new house has made changes to my life in a number of ways.  And have had an effect on this blog...

I now walk to work most days, clothes in a backpack and a shower waiting for me at work.   As a result it hasn't been as easy to wear vintage as in the past year where I was usually dropped at the front door by car.   Because I'm not getting ready at home in the mornings and I don't really feel like getting dressed back into the day's outfit after walking home and showering in the afternoon outfit shots have been rare. 

I'll work a way around it, which will likely result in evening taking photos the night before I actually wear the
outfit... but for now it means I've only a handful of outfits to be able to post up here.

 Skirt:  50s roses skirt (Recycology - Love Vintage Brisbane Show)
Blouse: off-brand pink collared blouse
 Shoes: Wittner pink ballet flats
Necklace: pink cut-glass vintage necklace (Recycology - Love Vintage Brisbane Show)
Bracelet: vintage bangles (Fat Helen's - Chapel St Bazaar)
Other Accessories:  pink bag with Wachifield tag & pink feather and pearl fascintor headband.

Dress: 50s spearmint green dress (Kassie's Korner Vintage)
Hat:  50s spearmint green hat (gift from Lovely C)
Shoes: I love Billy white slingbacks
Bag: 60s cane bag (La Bella Donna Vintage at Love Vintage Show '12)
Other Accessories:  Pearl earrings, daisy brooch (Kassie's Korner) and white gloves

Dress:  50s Summer frock (unknown stall - Love Vintage Brisbane Show)
Bolero:  Crocheted taupe bolero (SES)
Shoes: Wittner peeptoe shoes.
Headscarf: 50s flocked nylon headscarf (Chapel St Bazaar)
Bangle: blue - vintage bangle (?) (Vintage Advantage - BVFF, Brisbane #2 '12)
Other Accessories: Mamaikuko blue heart earrings & small taupe bow brooch
The last outfit post was only possible due to the kindness of my good friend Millie who drove me home on a rainy day.  Otherwise I would have walked home in excercise clothes and not bothered changing again to get a photo.  Thanks Millie!
Links out to stores mentioned in this post:
Love Vintage Show

Friday, January 18, 2013

An Amazing Gift from Lovely C

Lovely C went on a holiday to the USA over the Christmas break.

She had a brilliant time traveling about, seeing family, visiting historical places and doing a great deal of shopping.   On Facebook she wrote a post about how cheap good quality vintage is in America compared to prices in Australia.

And bless her from the tips of her toes to the top of her blue-haired head!  She bought us all vintage hats as gifts.  Each of them were so well chosen - a perfect pick for the person!  Particularly mine, as I've been yearning after a hat like this for a while but haven't found one in good enough condition for a price that was affordable.

This is my beautiful, amazing hat...

Thank you times ten Lovely C!   I'll be wearing my hat today!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Good Gracious! Applesauce!

I had planned to make a particular recipe for a quinoa breakfast which required applesauce. 

It just so happened that my little book of the Senior Girls Missionary Book of Tested Recipes had an applesauce recipe - on page 91.  In a comparison to an applesauce recipe in a modern Family Circle cookbook I found the only glaring difference to be the addition of butter.

Apple Sauce(no donating lady listed)
page 91
  • 6 granny smith apples, chopped roughly
  • 1 tab castor sugar
  • 2 tab water
  • pinch salt
  • 1 tab lemon juice
  • 1 desert spoon butter
Put all ingredients into a saucepan.  
Leave over medium heat until the apples are soft.
Beat the mixture until smooth (this can easily be done by hand). 


My Results and Notes

What can I say?  It was basic applesauce with the addition of salt and butter.  The butter is noticeable and I like the flavour it brings to the sauce.  It tasted incredibly good on my quinoa breakfast with currents and pecans.  Incredibly good. 

It was a quick and easy, no-fuss kind of recipe but what I enjoyed most about it was the chance to use my newly acquired Christmas present - an antique citrus juicer.   I've been after one of these for a while now and my wonderful husband, Mr R had bought me one just that afternoon while antique shopping for my late gift. 

 I think it's so much more elegant and charming than the $2 plastic one I had been using. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Outfits in December '12

Late December was a bit of a crazy haze for me.  There was a week of being a tourist in Melbourne.  Then the typical end-of-year at work break-up activities.  Then I moved house half a week before Christmas which pretty much eclipsed the holiday itself.   Settling into the house and New Years was followed by a final week off work where I just hung around home and unpacked boxes.

All of this activity means I had few chances to wear vintage and when I did, my camera was packed!

Now we've started 2013,  I've finally unpacked the camera and have access to photos I took in December 2012 of outfits I wore featuring the vintage items I bought in Melbourne:

 Skirt:  70s (?) patterned skirt (Out Of the Closet - Brusnswick Street Melbourne)
Blouse: 50s sheer blouse (Atomic MartiniVintage)
Bolero: Cotton On
Bracelets: vintage bangles (Fat Helen's - Chapel St Bazaar)

Dress: 60s autumnal colours frock (Treasure Trove - Chapel St, Windsor End)
Head Scarf:  sheer vintage nylon headscarf  (sewing and scarves stall in Chapel St Bazaar)
Bracelets:  vintage bangels (Fat Helen's in Chapel St Bazaar)
Bag: 60s cane bag (La Bella Donna Vintage at Love Vintage Show '12)
Shoes: Wittner

Blouse: 70s or 80s peasant blouse (Out of the Closet - Collins St, Melbourne CBD)
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: I love Billy
Headscarf: 50s flocked nylon headscarf (Chapel St Bazaar)
Bangle: white - vintage bangle (Fat Helen's Chapel St Bazaar)
Bangle: blue - vintage bangle (?) (Vintage Advantage - BVFF, Brisbane #2 '12)
Earrings: (Mamaikuko, Shiga Japan)

Links out to stores mentioned in this post:
Love Vintage Show

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kustom Krafts - Brisbane Retro, Vintage, Rockabilly Market - Sandgate December '12.

Earlier this year Sassy D, PoisonedKitty and I attended the Kustom Kraft Market at the Sandgate Hall.  We were somewhat disappointed by the organisation of the event - it was too crowded, too small a space for the market, too loud and I left without a cent spent....


...The organisers of the market looked at all of the feedback and for December organised a really, truly fabulous market. 

The December market was held at the Sandgate RSL with some stalls in a large carpark market, some stalls outside at the lawn-side and some inside (making the most of the airconditioning!.  I felt a little for the cupcake stall which was outside on such a terribly hot Queensland Summer day. 

There was a really excellent turn-out of vintage stalls, including some tried and true favourites of Brisbane vintage markets. (Kassie's Corner and The Vintage Advantage) but also a large number of vintage stalls I'd never seen before. 

There are plenty of other photos of the markets and individual stalls on the Kustom Kraft's Facebook site.

PoisonedKitty ran a vintage and make-up stall so of course I had my makeup done.  Much easier than doing it myself!   I hope she had a successful day and runs her market stall again in the future!

I bought a few goodies for myself, photographed and listed below:

  • Enid Gilchrist's Sewing Pattern Book - Unknown Stall  - $5
  • 50s Barkcloth Skirt - Vintage Dresses (no storefront, only at markets) - $20
  • Green Bangle - Remember When (Brisbane Antique Centre) - $6
  • Blue Necklace (a perfect match for the colours in my barkcloth skirt) - Remember When (Brisbane Antique Centre)- $8
  • Tablecloth (pink and green floral at top right)-  The Best Little Vintage Van in Vegas -  $7