Thursday, April 4, 2013

Frock Up Brisbane - March '13

The Way We Wear Show has been running annually in Brisbane for a few years now, since 2007, but I hadn't been able to go in previous years due to social clashes so you can imagine I was keen to see what new things this show, titled Frock Up Brisbane, would bring.

I was super lucky and won two free tickets from the fantastic chaps at The Vintage Advantage.   It really does pay to follow your local/favourite vintage sellers on Facebook!

I went on the Friday night with Lovely C, PoisonedKitty and Lady L.

When we arrived at the front door we flashed around our free tickets and were given a competition entry and a voucher to get $10 when $50 or more is spent at one store.  What a fantastic little perk!  That alone will have me return to the show when it next runs.

We ventured through to see the Marilyn Munroe exhibit, a display of remakes of dresses worn by the famous movie star during her career.

Next we wandered through the stalls in what we liked to call 'the expensive section'.  The stalls in this area had high prices, sometimes warranted but often not.  One example that had my eyebrows raised was a lovely blue 1940s skirt suit set being sold for over $400.  Though it was in a good, wearable condition, I have seen better quality items from the era much less, both locally, in Melbourne and online.  Perhaps it was a designer label - however given the extraordinarily high prices of the other goods in the store, I don't think that was the only cause.

After we had wandered our way through the 'expensive section', we wandered downstairs to the tea shop.  Lovely C bought a pot of tea for the two of us to share.  It was ser1ved in beautiful china tea cups - just the way I like it!

 After resting our feet we went into the second section of the show.  Some familiar faces had stalls there including Cassie's Corner, where I bought a few items, including a new dress.

Foot weary and tired, we headed home at closing time, 9 o'clock.  I had spent to my exact budget of $120 and was very pleased with my loot.

I wore my 1950s brown spot cotton wiggle dress with a black cardigan, black 1950s cap and modern black heels. 

Lovely C wore one of her newest sewing creations - a 50s frock in a black and purple polka dot fabric.  She matched it with her gorgeous vintage hat, black shoes and a little purple flowered brooch I bought her in thanks for the hat she bought me on her latest travels.

PoisonedKitty was also wearing a frock of her own making and rocking fantastic hot pink hair.  You can read more about her outfit (and see some more photos of me being very silly) on her blog entry here.

This was Lady L's first vintage fair.  The sweet pink vintage frock she was wearing was a lucky Etsy purchase.  She was very keen to find some accessories, such as hats and gloves, to match with a few different outfits.  She bought a very sweet black velvet hat at Cassie's Corner so now I'll have to keep an eye out for black gloves and maybe some cut black glass beads for her.

And what did I buy?  I stuck within my $140 budget and got a nice range of items.

  • soft blue embroidered 1960s frock -  $68 at Cassie's Corner
  • soft pink headscarf - $5 at Cassie's Corner
  • Australian Home Journal (pattern included) - $10 at Cassie's Corner
  • dusky peach feathered headband - $20 at unknown stall
  • soft pink embroidered 1960s bedjacket - $18 at unknown stall. 


  1. Thank you again for my lovely pin.. <3 You really didn't need to do that, but I do appreciate it!

  2. Best of all, the hair matched the outfit. I wonder if I can manage that again tomorrow. :P

    You've got a great haul there. I adore the feathered headband. I'd like to add more in other colours to my collection.