Monday, April 15, 2013

A Good Excuse for Afternoon Tea

I was thrilled about the the idea of the Sew for Victory sew-a-long that Lucky Lucille was hosting.   Unfortunately inspiration and desire do not a finished project make.  However two of my darling friends did finish their Sew for Victory projects.  Lovely C finished a 1940s dress from an Eva Dress pattern.  PoisonedKitty also finished a new dress from one of the 40s sewing patterns in her collection.

We decided to hold a nice 1940s afternoon tea to give the two of them a chance to wear and photograph their dresses.  Though I didn't have a finished project I did have my recently finished 40s Simplicity dress so I went along as well.  Unfortunately the other invitees weren't able to make it so it ended up being a small but cozy event.

Lovely C had done a beautiful job on the Eva Dress pattern.  There was shirring at the sleeves and the prettiest lace along the sweetheart collar.  Her hair had softened down to the loveliest lilac colour which she had up in victory rolls.

PoisonedKitty had made a navy dress to match a vintage hat that she'd been wanting to wear.  I think the colour suits her splendidly and I always love a dress with pockets!

I wore the dress I had recently made from the 40s simplicity pattern which PoisonedKitty had loaned to me.  My short hair doesn't really allow for 40s hair styles and my short locks made my brown 1940s tilt hat looked odd and unattractive.  So instead I popped on a beret and brown shoes.

PoisonedKitty is an amazing domestic goddess and she had made the most delectable food for us to eat, including; little finger sandwiches, salmon vol-e-vents, amazing gingernuts and lemon curd tarts.  I ate myself large on the gingernuts which include little pieces of crystallized ginger in them.  *drool*

It's always a treat having afternoon tea at PoisonedKitty's house because not only does she put on an amazing spread she also serves it all up on a dressed table, with tablecloth, flowers, and lovely china.


  1. That dress is adorable! I am blown by Mel's outfit. Love the pocket feature and you're right: the blue suits her very well.

  2. Thank you Melissa. :) Mel did look wonderful and she's the best hostess for parties that I know. Maybe next time you can join us and find out how right I am! ;)