Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thrifting the Teacup of my Dreams

Above is the produce of visiting two sales. Just three measly purchases.  I learned a valuable lesson that morning - don't go to a yard sale if you are only interested in one or two items in the advertisement photos.    I went to a particular sale because the ad photos showed a small collection of really cute vintage figurines.  You know the type, those cute and kitschy kittens, lambs, puppies and elves that everyone' s parents had as they were growing up.  I was super keen on those figurines.  I was all set to buy the lot.

I made sure I was the first person at the sale and when the seller opened the doors to her garage, I strode in purposefully.  I just knew those cute figurines would be mine!  And they would have been too, if it wasn't for dealers who contacted the seller days before and came and bought nearly every one, leaving only a few damaged and lesser-attractive ones behind.   So the little lucky elf in the picture above became mine, because a dealer decided he wasn't cute enough.  The rest of the sale was a flop and it was a big ol' waste of fuel to get out there.

However the morning wasn't an entire loss.  At the other sale I found the teacup of my dreams.  It was dainty.  It was charming and it was coated in flowers and ribbons of pink and blue.  It had a very fine fracture in the bottom of the cup that meant it wasn't useful for drinking but that was okay by me.  It has a new purpose now.  It sits on my dressing table, holding pretty necklaces and earrings.

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