Friday, March 21, 2014

Frock Up Brisbane - March '14

It felt like it had been ages since I had last attended a vintage clothing market so when I got an invitation from Poisoned Kitty and TrinnyT to go to Frock Up Brisbane at Mt Gravatt, I ummed and ahhed but gave a last minute affirmative.  Sassy D also joined the party at the eleventh hour so we tackled the market on the Friday night, a cheerful party of four.

Poisoned Kitty, TrinnyT and Sassy D shopping partners and enablers

Poisoned Kitty wore a pretty blue frock she had sewn herself from a vintage 40s pattern.  Matched with simple pearls and white T-bar shoes the outfit looked so fresh and feminine.  TrinnyT wore a skirt she had sewn herself with a popping red cardigan.  Her gorgeous cane handbag was only slightly outdone by her giant head-flowers bought from Kitten D'Amour.  Sassy D was wearing a 50s tiki style skirt she'd sewn herself with a simple modern blouse.
But... about the market itself!  The exhibit this year about clever thriftiness in buying, altering and making clothes during WWII was much smaller than last year's Marilyn themed one but was still worth a view.

The girls looking at the 40s wartime exhibit

Once again, the market used both hall spaces for the event.  The main hall upstairs housed the exhibits as well as a number of sellers stalls The underneath of the hall was a decent-sized space put aside for individuals wanting to sell things from their own wardrobe, the tea room and a little cinema showing fashion shorts from the 40s in black and white.  The other large shed-hall was used for a number of other sellers.   As always, this market impressed me with the range of sellers from those selling high-quality 40s items for $300 to the cheaper options where you can score a cute dress for $20.  There was also a make-up and hair artist booth, a stall selling fashion plates from magazines (don't get me started on what I hate about that particular thing *cranky face*) and a number of stalls offering homewares and vintage haberdashery.  

Hippy Vintage had some excellent items sadly beyond my budget for the night.

I was impressed also by the amount of guy's vintage that has been turning up recently.  Good job sellers!

Something for the boys...

It seems that at every market there is always that one item I see, photograph and don't buy.  Later I love-eye the photo evidence and regret the choice to leave it behind.  My regret this time was this beaded cardigan for $45.  (Upstairs hall, back corner for any Brisbanites who want to dash to the fair this weekend!)

The one that got away.

I did end up buying a dark green patterned 70s frock.  The colour and pattern caught me, it was at the right price and it fit.  I was moved to buy it though 70s is not my favourite era.  I keep saying this but keep wearing more and more 70s in my daily outfits.  No pic of the dress as yet - but soon I promise.

After shopping we attended the tea room under the main hall.  This has become something of a tradition when we visit this particular vintage market.  I adore the way this tea room is run.  They use antique tea cups and tea pots to serve the tea.  They have lovely embroidered table cloths and pretty little greenery table decorations.  And vintage magazines to flick through while you sip your tea.  How perfect.

Tea and vintage magazines afterwards.  How civilised!
 Any girls in Brisbane keen for a vintage hunt this weekend should head to the Mount Gravatt showgrounds today or on Sunday to see if they can find their own treasured piece.  Entrance to the market is $12.

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  1. I'm super glad you came with us, it was loads of fun... And I'm proud that I only spent $15 on 2 tablecloths.. :D