Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thrifting Prizes

I did a lot of thrifting last year and I was shamefully lax on updating the blog on the matter.  So readers beware!  There's a backlog of 2013 (July onwards) thrifting posts coming your way!

Here are a bunch of thrifting prizes I scored at 3 different sales on one Saturday morning.  Most of these were from a church jumble sale. 

Plates galore - because I never get sick of eating from a pretty place setting.   There's also a cookie server (not real silver or even silver plated but rather pretty) and a stack of dutch blue napkins.

The vintage airlines cookie tin now stores hair accessories that are out of use while my hair is short.  The smaller Chinese patterned tin holds my crochet hooks while the larger square one stores lace applique pieces in my craft room.   The giant Chinese fan... just because.

So. Many. Nylon. Scarves!  A little heart rhinestone brooch, a few necklaces a 70s metal belt (sadly, too small for me) and a very sweet little tin.  I'm surprised I've still not worn that beautiful red blue and yellow scarf second from the right.  Perhaps today I will.

A closeup of that sweet tin and the long glass bead necklace.  I've worn this a few times now - it's the prettiest minty colour.

A closeup of the plastic necklace with rhinestones.  I love this necklace so much but it's terribly itchy to wear - all those little petal ends scratch.

Does this fabric look a little familiar?  It became a 70s skirt under the needle of my sewing machine and I wrote a post about it here.

And last but not least is a 70s smock and a housecoat.  The housecoat gets more use than I should say - indeed I'm wearing it now while writing this post and drinking my morning coffee. 

It was a very successful morning of hunting.  Have you had any luck with garage sales, yard sales, jumble sales or fete thrifting lately?


  1. You have accumulated a very impressive haul.

  2. Thanks Mel. I need to keep an eye out for more fete jumble sales - they can have some interesting bits and pieces.