Friday, March 21, 2014

A Mixed Basket of Thrifted Goods

Part of the fun of thrifting is that you never know what you will find.  One time it is a stack of vintage brooches, another time might overturn the cute 70s a-line skirt of your dreams.  Sometimes you don't find a single scrap of clothing or a worthy accessory at all.

But you always find something.

I went to two different sales with Sassy D to overturn this motley pile of goods. 
  • A fabulous picnic basket, with crockery included.  This has already seen a bit of use at three different picnics.
  • A blue-work vase.  I intend to put a hole in the bottom of this and plant some red geraniums in it.  Can't you just imagine it?!
  • A bust of a baroque maiden, now resting atop my piano. 
  • An embroidered sheer tablecloth
  • Two silver-plated high-tea servers.  
  • A crafting pattern to cross-stitch Beatrix Potter characters. 
  • Two lots of fabric, one which became my picnic tablecloth with a bit of stitchery. 
  • A rubber cloth (for my kitchen to help open jars). 
  • A set of rose note-cards
  • A fabulous 60s book called 'Women's World' with all kinds of advice about how to be a women in the modern (1960s) day world.  Some of the advice is priceless.   

Sassy D bought a few bits of haberdashery and a clothing rack to put in her sewing room.  Wins all around!

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