Sunday, March 3, 2013

Simplicity 4699 - Completed!

Ok!  So I admitted up front that I'm very slow when it comes to sewing.  A dress that might take Sassy D a day to make up takes me 4 months.  (Then again, Sassy D is an amazing seamstress!)

I'm so slow at sewing that my long term readers probably forgot I was even doing a sewing project!  So to refresh your memory, here are the earlier posts about the Simplicity 4699 dress.

The pattern and fabric.
The mockup completed.

As the cliche says, "slow and steady wins the race".  Well... at least it gets you to the finish line!

Here is my 'finish line' for the 1940s day dress made from the Simplicity 4699 pattern.

Unfortunately the busy fabric doesn't offer much of a view of the details of the dress, even in the close up shots below.   There are two pleats either side of the front skirt, single pleats each side on the back.  

A small stand collar ties in a bow at the front over the keyhole neckline. 

The raglan sleeves came together easily and the side zipper was a minor challenge but came together simply enough when I hand basted it in.

On a whole the dress was a pain to sew but that was entirely attributed to my choice of fabric, a slippery sheer rayon with a slippery satin lining.  Slippery fabrics and I hate each other.  I promise myself I will never sew with them again, but I'm lying each time.  The pattern itself was a breeze and I hope to make another one or two in more forgiving cottons or linens.


  1. You look absolutely gorg in that dress and that fabric is so cute! I'll have to ask you how to read and sew from these types of paper patterns.

    1. Thank you! When you say 'these types of paper patterns' do you mean paper patterns in general, including modern ones or more specifically the old vintage patterns? You know I'd always be happy to teach you.

  2. Yeah, it's a great dress to whip up in cotton. I have a couple of it cut out myself that are ready to go.

    1. I agree it's a great little pattern. Thank you again for loaning it to me Mel! :)