Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Closer Look - Blue & Yellow Summer Frock

I was moving through the stalls at the Love Vintage Show in Brisbane 2012 and my eyes fell on a rack with a sign above it "All items $80".   I pawed through the rack and saw this pretty floral frock.

Blue and Yellow Summer Frock (60s?)

Bought from: A stall (it became one big shopping blur) at the Love Vintage Show, Brisbane 2012.
Paid:  $80
Era:  1960s or late 1950s.
Fabrics:  Sky blue, sunny yellow and taupe flowers on a white ground in a textured synthetic fabric.

Interesting facts:   Initially I thought that this dress was from the 1950s however with a bit more experience I now think that given the style and fabric this is more likely a 60s number.

Worn in oufits:  here and here  

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