Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Closer Look - 30s Celluloid Brooch

I like roses, a great deal actually.

So when this little brooch came up for sale on the 'classifieds' email group at my work I snapped it up zealously!

30s Painted Celluloid Roses Brooch

Bought from:  a private seller from work.
Paid:  $15
Era:  1930s  
Materials:  Painted celluloid with the original brass pin on the back.
Size:  It is tiny - only 2.5cm x 1cm in size.  This means that it's good for wearing on collars, ties or scarves but when I wear it on the bust of a blouse it looks a little lost.


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    1. Thanks Cherie! I do too - it's such a sweet little item. I have plans to buy a painted celluloid bracelet and earrings to match.