Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Inaugural Meeting of the Vintage High Tea Group

This year I was very kindly invited to join a group in Brisbane called the 'Vintage High Tea Group', a collective of people who enjoy vintage style as well as partaking in high teas.  Rather obvious from the name, I know!

The very first meeting of the group was organised by the amazing Kate Ferrett at the historical Customs House on Eagle Street Pier.  We had booked an outside table with a view of the Brisbane River but sadly for us it rained and poured and then some more, so we were seated inside.

 I decided that I would brave the inclement weather and wear my 50s party dress matched with my black 50s hat, black pumps and black gloves.  The little black cardigan was a late addition to the outfit as a concession to the cold weather.

 Sassy D wore a handmade late 30s dress with a vintage bonnet-style hat and faux fur stole.  Charming K wore her lovely handmade maroon 40s dress matched with a darling black hat, black crochet gloves and other accessories.

 Lovely C, who has recently gone from rockin' blue hair to smokin' purple hair, wore a gorgeous ensemble with a handmade frock made from a vintage pattern and coat and a beautiful subtle purple and black hat she picked up on her recent trip to the USA.  (Jealous!)

 PoisonedKitty made a new dress from a vintage pattern using some leftover Japanese floral fabric she had in her stash.  The colours were very becoming on her as the photo below doesn't do the outfit justice.

I wish I had taken more photos, especially of Le-Anne who came in Steampunk style and Kate Ferrett who had the most darling 30s hat on, a stunning Victorian brooch (I'm a sucker for Victorian silver jewellry) and a smart 50s sheath dress on.

I was very excited about high tea at the Customs House.  I had wished to visit plenty-a-time before but until now never had the chance.  I must be honest and say that I was a little let down.  Certainly not by the service which was irrefutably excellent.  I suppose it was my own expectations that led me to disappointment.  I expected a grand Victorian style room, matching the exterior of the building and instead the restaurant had very modern setting.  I expected tea cups and instead we had small coffee mugs.  The food was a little light on savouries - only two sandwiches per person on my shared plate however the scones were the best I have had in a very long while.  I know that our gluten-free person was a little disappointed with the offerings that were served her, given the high price.  That said though, it was extremely excellent service and it was the first high tea I've been to where orange juice and tea were continually topped-up without extra expense.

It was lovely to meet some new folk though the long table style of seating means I ended up spending most of my time chatting with PoisonedKitty, Sassy D, Lovely C and Charming K.  I didn't get many photos at the event itself so most of the photos in this post have been stolen from Cherie Woodard - (thanks Cherie!).

I am really looking forward to the next meeting of the group!


  1. The black hat was actually a Brisbane purchase.. :)... I haven't worn either of my USA purchased hats yet. Although I've just preshrunk some appropriate fabric for my mink hat with tomorrow night in mind.. ;)

    1. Whoops! I thought you bought it on your recent trip. I loved how you matched it with your dress on Friday night. I don't think I've seen your mink hat - perhaps next high tea? ;)

    2. I'll have to find some lovely brown shoes that will work with the hat/gloves. Then yes, you'll probably see the mink hat at the next tea! :D