Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Good (Doris) Day for Pillow Talk!

Ok! Ok!  I promise I'll stop making corny puns in my blog entry titles for movie reviews!

Recently I watched the romantic comedy "Pillow Talk" with Doris Day and Rock Hudson which came highly recommended by my friend, Stellar Z. 

The movie revolves around the relationship of Jan Morrow, a feisty interior designer, and Brad Allen, a composer and sworn bachelor/ladies man.  Jan and Brad share a party phone line (multiple houses using the same phone line because the phone company hasn't enough to spare one per household).  This causes both parties angst because Jan's use of the phoneline is hampered by Brad's constant use of the phone line for wooing his ladies.  In turn, Brad's wooing is hampered by Jan's irate interruptions.

There's not much love lost between the two... that is, until Brad sees Jan in person in a coincidental meeting and decides he'd like to add her to his list of conquests.  I won't say any more on the plot so you can enjoy the way it unfolds if you get the chance to watch it for yourself.

As for the style in the film... Doris Day's hair style doesn't appeal to me - I can't exactly pin my finger down on why - but the outfits she wears in this movie do grab my attention.   From the fun and cute bed jackets she wears at home to the chic office-wear she dons for her day job, I was taken by everything in 'Jan Morrow's' wardrobe.   Especially the giant pearl earrings.

Overall I really enjoyed 'Pillow Talk' very much.  I was hooting with laughter throughout the film and really enjoyed watching how things played out between the two main characters.  I thought the chemistry between them was very good and believable.  I even enjoyed the musical interlude where Doris Day reminds us all that she can sing as well as act and look good.   Though my kitteh, Fuu, did not...

The one 'bee in my bonnet' about this film was there were times when I was grinding my teeth at the sexist nature of some of the plot developments or spoken lines in the script.  The worst of these we definitely the policeman's jocular remark near the end of the film.  I think it's important to note that I'm not a hardcore feminist and I don't usually 'push' that particular agenda - but I did find some things in this movie made me think, "Oh! They couldn't get away with that in a movie today!"

If you watch the film, let me know if you agree or if you think I'm just being too politically correct
when watching a film from a time that wasn't known for it's egg-shell language and careful watch on equality issues...

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