Friday, January 18, 2013

An Amazing Gift from Lovely C

Lovely C went on a holiday to the USA over the Christmas break.

She had a brilliant time traveling about, seeing family, visiting historical places and doing a great deal of shopping.   On Facebook she wrote a post about how cheap good quality vintage is in America compared to prices in Australia.

And bless her from the tips of her toes to the top of her blue-haired head!  She bought us all vintage hats as gifts.  Each of them were so well chosen - a perfect pick for the person!  Particularly mine, as I've been yearning after a hat like this for a while but haven't found one in good enough condition for a price that was affordable.

This is my beautiful, amazing hat...

Thank you times ten Lovely C!   I'll be wearing my hat today!


  1. It does suit you so well.. <3... Glad you love it!

    1. I truly do! Thank you! I am going to have to find/make a few more pieces to wear with it now. *rubs hands toghether gleefully* There's nothing quite like having something to hunt for at vintage fairs/shops.