Monday, January 21, 2013

All's Rosy - Outfit Post

Living in my new house has made changes to my life in a number of ways.  And have had an effect on this blog...

I now walk to work most days, clothes in a backpack and a shower waiting for me at work.   As a result it hasn't been as easy to wear vintage as in the past year where I was usually dropped at the front door by car.   Because I'm not getting ready at home in the mornings and I don't really feel like getting dressed back into the day's outfit after walking home and showering in the afternoon outfit shots have been rare. 

I'll work a way around it, which will likely result in evening taking photos the night before I actually wear the
outfit... but for now it means I've only a handful of outfits to be able to post up here.

 Skirt:  50s roses skirt (Recycology - Love Vintage Brisbane Show)
Blouse: off-brand pink collared blouse
 Shoes: Wittner pink ballet flats
Necklace: pink cut-glass vintage necklace (Recycology - Love Vintage Brisbane Show)
Bracelet: vintage bangles (Fat Helen's - Chapel St Bazaar)
Other Accessories:  pink bag with Wachifield tag & pink feather and pearl fascintor headband.

Dress: 50s spearmint green dress (Kassie's Korner Vintage)
Hat:  50s spearmint green hat (gift from Lovely C)
Shoes: I love Billy white slingbacks
Bag: 60s cane bag (La Bella Donna Vintage at Love Vintage Show '12)
Other Accessories:  Pearl earrings, daisy brooch (Kassie's Korner) and white gloves

Dress:  50s Summer frock (unknown stall - Love Vintage Brisbane Show)
Bolero:  Crocheted taupe bolero (SES)
Shoes: Wittner peeptoe shoes.
Headscarf: 50s flocked nylon headscarf (Chapel St Bazaar)
Bangle: blue - vintage bangle (?) (Vintage Advantage - BVFF, Brisbane #2 '12)
Other Accessories: Mamaikuko blue heart earrings & small taupe bow brooch
The last outfit post was only possible due to the kindness of my good friend Millie who drove me home on a rainy day.  Otherwise I would have walked home in excercise clothes and not bothered changing again to get a photo.  Thanks Millie!
Links out to stores mentioned in this post:
Love Vintage Show

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