Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thrifting in June #2 - and a few lessons I learned from the day.

Another weekend in June saw me getting up early to go to another garage sale which sounded promising.  Unfortunately, when there I found nothing that excited me except a small decorative jug - and I wasn't going to be rude enough to ask the seller to break a $50 note for a $1 purchase! 

 Lesson #1 - Have change!  Large notes are often unwelcome to the seller and might limit what you want to or can buy. 

The weather was unseasonably wet and I was feeling miserable as I drove back home.  En route, I spotted another garage sale and faced the wet once more to see what this one had to offer.

 I saw a little red transfer-ware decorative saucer with a hunting scene on it. It came with it's own hanging wires and was $4.

A dig through a box of linens produced two barkcloth curtains.  I wasn't sure if it was enough to make a short skirt from but for 50c I was willing to try.   I asked the lady running the sale if she had any sewing patterns.  She replied that she didn't but a few minutes later dug out a 1950s sewing manual which she sold to me for 50c. 

Lesson #2 - If you are after something in particular it pays to ask the seller.  The clutter at garage sales can sometimes hide that prized item.

My husband has a decanter with Brandy in it but we've been on the lookout for a nice and reasonably priced one with matching glasses for his whiskey.  I saw this decanter and glasses set for $35.  I asked the seller if they'd take $25 for it and they were happy enough to agree.

Lesson #3 - Don't be afraid to haggle on prices.  Often people just want to get rid of things and are flexible on price.  

I had better luck finding clothes and accessories at my next thrifting attempt.... but that's another post.


  1. I was given a similar decanter and port/sherry glass set, although mine don't have stems. Good thrifting! :)

    1. Lucky! What do you store in your decanter?

      Hubby and I have found that when we have our spirits stored in decanters and easily accessible we actually drink them. When they're stored on the top shelf in the kitchen - not so much.

      I think it also looks beautiful and charming to make a display of it by using a decanter. Don't you think?