Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thrifting in June #1

In June I decided to try 'thrifting' to see what Brisbane had to offer at op shops (goodwill stores) and garage sales (yard sales).

The photos of my success below make it look like Brisbane is awash with thrifting goodness but the truth is that for every win I had there were also three visits to garage sales or op shops that ended in empty hands and wasted car fuel.

This first lot of goods below were bought from a garage sale in Cooperoo (South Brisbane).   The whole lot was $50.

I loved the sweet little 1940s hooks and eyes still with original packaging.  The coffee coloured lace is tatted - I haven't yet measured it to see how much there is but it looks to be about 3m.  The light blue sateen fabric will be made into a project sometime in the far off future (we all know what a slow-going seamstress I am!) but the white lace collar is finished and ready to wear immediately. 

I was sorely lacking a nice, medium sized crystal vase so I jumped at this one.  The little glass jar will join others in my bathroom to store some lavender for baths.  The pretty jasperware plaque (much lighter green than the processed photos makes it look) is already hung up in my downstairs hallway above a washstand.  The little embroidered doily was too pretty to pass on and the small cherry serving bowl took my fancy. So pretty!  I wonder if I can lace ribbon through the slits in it for a nice effect?

There was a soft sheepskin hat like a shaped beret, I think from the 60s. A floral bandeaux style half hat covered in blue and white flowers and ribbons took my attention and for $3 I couldn't say no.  But the real find was a sage green 1950s (60?) hat heavily decorated with flowers.  Both of the large hats were $5 each. *gasp*  

Sassy D has already poo-pooed the sheepskin hat and husband has said I look like Ivona Humpalot from Austin Powers when I wear it... but I love it.  The other accessories I bought were three scarves, a pair of gloves and a light green bag.

Who can say no to pretty 50s aprons?   Not me, especially when they are sheer blue with flocked polkadots on them. 

I spied a set of 1950s nylon Pajamas in lavender.  I spied a pretty pink bed jacket.  I spied a long slip.  And I spied a mint long sleeved, long nightie which would serve me well for cooler weather.  God bless my husband for putting up for my love of unattractive 'grandma' sleepwear! 

Last of my buys from that garage sale was a lot of linen.  There were three table cloths - a light blue damask one (top left), a pretty minty-blue barkcloth one with fruit and walnuts printed on it and a pink runner with lace inserts.   I also picked up a little mint napkin which I intend to embroidery as a placemat.  I also loved the traditional style tea-towel with red and white stripes as well as a funky 70s tea-towel and a quaint blue and white tea-towl... cute dutch girls and boys. Argh!

There was also an Edwardian era parasol that I bought but I seem to have deleted the photo I took of it and am feeling too lazy to take another one.  (I know! Bad blogger!)

It was a splendid buy and I don't know that I'll ever find another garage sale to match it's great value.


  1. I love the sheepskin hat. And you know I adore hats - you're the one that encouraged me to get the sheepskin beanie at the vintage fair earlier this year.

    1. Thanks Mel! Has the sheepskin snow-bunny hat had a wear at all this Winter?