Monday, July 29, 2013

A Very Thrifty start to July

My sister-in-law, the ever effervescent and hilarious Grosby asked me to take her out for a morning of thrifting.  Knowing it would be an absolute lark I readily agreed and arranged to pick her up early the next weekend we were both available.

We hopped between garage sales across a bunch of suburbs in Ipswich City.  I've lost count of how many we actually went to in total.  Grosby bought a few items, including a coveted game of Labyrinth that had been a favourite of hers when she was young.  I came out with quite a few items myself!

That day taught me another thrifting lesson:
Take your time and look carefully at everything.  Then take a second look!
I had quickly browsed items for sale on the tables, inspected a lamp and decided there was nothing for me.  I had actually said my courteous thanks to the lady holding the sale and was about to walk out when I noticed a washing basket filled with what looked like vintage men's trousers.  A bit of digging came up with three vintage scarves, two 60s knit tops and a 50s home-made dress.

 I paid $7 for the lot.  The seller was happy to see her Great-Aunt's clothes go to someone who would wear them. Win-win.

We continued on to other garage sales.  Some we left empty handed but that only fed our fever for more.  Definitely the best buy of the day was a leather Glastonbury bag (doctor's bag) in perfect condition for an incredible $20.

I must admit that I find a kind of thrill in the element of the unknown that is central to thrifting.  Will that next stop be full of great buys or instead will there be nothing to inspire?  Will you find that perfect lamp that you're keeping an eye out for or will you find something else, entirely unanticipated?

As well as my fashion goodies I bought a few items for around the house - an enamel dish to join a few other enamel items in my laundry, three tins for my craft room and a copper planter which I hope to pot with a fern and put in my bathroom. 

I wasn't looking for a tea light holder but I came across a little antique stained glass cup which reminded me so strongly of the stained glass windows at my Grandfather's house that I was immediately attached and knew I wanted it.

I hope Grosby enjoyed the morning as much as I did and I really hope we get the chance to do it again sometime soon! 

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