Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cakes and Audrey and Nighties! Oh My!

Back in July, my group of girls and I went to the inaugural Love Vintage Show in Brisbane. All of us bought frou-frou nightie sets and made promises of having a slumber party in said nighties.

Two good friends were in need of cheering up so Sassy D and I decided the time for our grown-up girls slumber party had come.

We planned and shopped, cooked and decorated until our own special brand of retro party came to fruition.

First we had a lovely afternoon tea with the room decorated in sweet pinks and blues.  A bouquet of gorgeous white peonies was our centerpiece.  Keeping our music to the theme we had a playlist of Doo-Wop songs, Dean Martin and some of Billie Holiday's less mopey stuff playing in the background.

Isn't that a lovely spread of food?  We were catering for two gluten free people, one of whom is also dairy free as well.  They were both able to eat most of what was on offer.

Then our guests began to arrive and we all settled down for some congenial chatting over tea or pink bubbles.

Then someone pointed out that with a storm threatening we aught to take outfit shots outside while we still could.   We all refreshed makeup and tottered outside for these outfit shots (in order of arrival on the day).

 Dress:  1950s floral crepe dress  (Gypsy Bazaar at Paddington Antique Center)
Shoes:  Target
Hat:  Black 50's half hat (Love Vintage Show - unknown seller)
Bag: (Sassy D's) 50s handbag (The Vintage Advantage - BVFF)
Gloves:  Vintage black gloves, borrowed from Sassy D as I couldn't find mine!

Dress: 50s brown cotton eyelet sheath (Denisebrain Etsy)
Hat: Ostrich feather 50s New Look hat (Deja Vu Vintage Rose - BVFF)
Gloves: Ebay bulk purchase
Bag: (Mama L's) beaded bag from 30s (?)

Dress:  Handmade from a Vogue Vintage 40's pattern (rerun)
Hat and gloves:  Vintage from past Vintage Fashion Fair.

Gloves: 30s - 50s family-owned gloves.
Dress: (poisonedkitty's) 60s/70s daydress

Dress:  Handmade from Butterick Retro Pattern B6307
Gloves: Kitten D'Amour
Bag: The One Stop Pin-up Shop, Chermside
Hat: unknown seller - unknown vintage fair. 
Other:  Horn-rimmed glasses (The Vintage Advantage)

 Dress:  Handmade handmade 50s dress with peacock print Japanese fabric.
Hat: 50s Green feather bandeau. 

Dress:  handmade 50s dress with Japanese fabric. 

Skirt:  (Mine) 50s cotton skirt (Recycology - Love Vintage Show '12)
Hat: 60s hat (bulk Ebay purchase)
Gloves: (poisonedkitty's) vintage pair from her collection

My favourite shot of all of us except Little L would be this one that I convinced everyone to do...

And of course the obligatory shoe and fabric shot. So colourful!

After we had finished confusing the neighbors without our outdoor shenanigans, we went back inside and got into 'something more comfortable'.  That is, we changed into our vintage nighties.

We started an Audrey-a-thon, a movie marathon of Audrey Hepburn films.  We started with Roman Holiday, then Sabrina.  Breakfast at Tiffany's was next but I don't know if many of us made it that far into the movie.

We drank tasty things.  We ate gourmet pizza.  We did hair.  We did nails. 

We ate mocha cheesecakes made by poisonedkitty, who is a goddess in the kitchen.Then one by one we left or resigned to bed.

It was a wonderful night.

Note - There are no photos of us in nighties because we all agreed to post none on the web. They can be a tad see-through. ;)


  1. I made it through to the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's but I was the only one ;)

    It was such a delightful time, hope to repeat again in the future.

    (You left out our scrumptious breakfast feast)

    1. I'm impressed! I dropped out at the beginning of Breakfast at Tiffany's. Exhausted!

      I did leave out the scrumptious breakfast in my commentary - which is a shame because it was such a heart-warming experience sitting down for breakfast with my 3 favourite girls. *smooch*