Saturday, November 10, 2012

Simplicity 4699 - Mockup Finished

After almost 90 days without a decent rainfall Mother Nature has decided to grace Brisbane with a few days of drizzle.  I'm sure she has a sense of humor because it also happened to be the weekend my husband planned to go camping. Undaunted by the rain he went off this morning leaving me with the house to myself.

It was the perfect weather to stay inside and work on projects so I put myself to work on finishing the mockup for my 1940s dress.

It's now all sewn together and I can gladly say that it fits rather well without any alterations.

I must confess that I make very neat mockups.  Sassy D can't believe I make such tidy and complete mockups but my theory is that if I sew it entirely the once then I'll have done a practice run of sorts and will know all the points to look out for when using my good fabric. 

I also now have a very nice and serviceable house-dress as well as the one I'll make as the finished product.  Well... I will once I hem the skirt and sew a zip in the side.  In the photo above it is just pinned, which is why the hemline looks a little puffy. 

My fashion fabric and lining is now cut out and ready to sew.   Hopefully I'll have something to report soon!


  1. I do the same, based on the same theory, if I measure and it looks like it's going to fit, then I just go ahead and make it.

    I gave one such mockup away to one of my Sydney girls this weekend because although the dress fit, it looked kinda dreadful on me. It fits her (probably with a couple of adjustments), so she'll have a new pink dress.. :)

    Your dress is looking lovely too!

    1. Hi Cherie! It's good to know I'm not alone on my finicky mockup habits!

      I know you sew plenty of vintage dresses. Do you have a favorite pattern or a brand of patterns you prefer? So far I've sewn only four dresses from vintage patterns - Simplicity, Hollywood Patterns, Australian Home Journal and a Butterick Retro repeat.

    2. I have mostly made up Simplicity, Butterick and Vogue reissues. I do like Eva Dress patterns, and have made up Hollywood and Advance patterns from there.

      I do love Eva Dress, one of the only places I can get really good Reproductions..

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