Saturday, August 10, 2013

July's outfits '13

So, I wore so much more vintage in July than these few shots... but it's always a trial to get photos which aren't at the end of the day when the lighting is bad and I look exhausted.   I have to send out a huge thanks to workmates who have taken most of these shots for me.

My outfits have been largely based on cardigans lately.  Thought the Brisbane Winter has hit late, it still isn't cold enough to pull out big jackets. 

Skirt:  50s rose print skirt (Recycology - Love Vintage Fair Bris 2012)
Tops: white singlet and apple green cardigan, both SES
Shoes: pink ballet flats (Wittner)
Accessories:  pink glass bead necklace (Recycology), pink and green crystal brooch (Myer), 50s pink expandable bracelet (gift), pink feather and pearl headband.

Skirt: Sage green pleated skirt (Atomic Martini Vintage)
Jacket:  black swing jacket (Target)
Shoes:  pointed toe black pumps (Target)
Accessories:  black headband and green bakelite bracelet (Remember When)

Dress:  50s blue eyelet dress (Cassie's Corner)
Cardigan:  black frilled cardigan (Target)
Shoes: pointed toe black pumps (Target)
Accessories:  pearl earrings, black opaque tights

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