Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can You Keep a Secret? Local Vintage Store Visit

Recently my Saturday morning thrifting expeditions took me to the South side of Brisbane, near the Greenslopes area.

So I thought it was high time I dropped in to a vintage store I had heard of 'Can You Keep a Secret?'.

The store is located on a main arterial road (653 Logan Road) so I thought it wiser to park on a nearby side street than try to get a main road park.

The store-front and the footpath setup was charming and attention grabbing.

How awesome are those red suitcases?!

Inside there was a good selection of vintage garments - with a whole room set aside for vintage for the boys.  I enjoyed the range of homewares around the store but couldn't say with any certainty if they were for show or sale because nothing was priced.   Either way, the vintage treasures really set a fantastic atmosphere for the store.

At first browse I thought that the whole shop was filled with clothes from the 70s or later - but a second browse found a few 50s and 60s garments.  I thought that some of the later era gear was a little overpriced but was pleasantly surprised to find reasonable prices on the earlier dresses.  (50s dress in nice condition for $80).

Everything was well organised, nicely presented and the overall feel of the store was welcoming and pleasant.

Apparently there is a tea room in the establishment but I mustn't have ventured into that area. Must return another time to investigate!

Can you Keep a Secret?
653 Logan Rd, Greenslopes
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