Sunday, September 1, 2013

A few different looks for early August '13

August bought a lot of great memories for me.

I became an Aunty for the 7th time, got a new hairstyle, had a lovely afternoon tea with a number of girlfriends, went to see a play Tequila Mockingbird, went strawberry picking with friends, made cheesecake with my Mum's recipe, did some awesome thriftiness expeditions and made some headway on making a vintage styled picnic tablecloth.


So here are a few outfits I wore during that busy month.

Dress:  Black dress (Jacqui-E)
Jacket: Burgundy velvet cropped blazer 
Shoes: Ox blood knee-high boots (Joanne Mercer)
Accessories: vintage beret hat, vintage pink pearls.

Dress:  80s sundress (thrifted)
Top:  pink cardigan (SES)
Shoes: pink ballet flats (whittner)
Accessories:  white Mimco headband, vintage pink cut-glass necklace (Recycology Love Vintage Fair '12)

Dress: 50s Dacron dress (Remember When, Love Vintage Fair '13)
Shoes:  black pointed pumps (Target)
Hat: midnight blue 60s hat (Atomic Martini Vintage)
Accessories: victorian bar brooch

Dress:  40s violet wool dress (gift from the beautiful abimused)
Top: black frilled cardigan (Target)
Shoes: black Mary Janes (Naturalizer)
Hat:  50s black cap (Cassie's Corner, Love Vintage Fair '12)
Accessories:  yellow sheer nylon scarf (thrifted),  gold leaf brooch (Cassie's Corner, Kustom Kraft Markets)

Top:  white singlet and 60s crocheted cardigan (lifeline)
Pants:  dark blue jeans (Levi's)
Shoes: mint kitten heel sandles (Windsor Smith)
Accessories: Katie Hill bag, green glass necklace (thrifted), multicoloured headscarf (thrifted)


  1. Thanks Mel. It was feeling like the time for change. Your new hair colours are fantastic. Love it!

  2. I love your new hairstyle too and you're always so well dressed. Very pretty!

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment Teresa.

      I've officially left the pixie-hair club... for the meantime anyway!