Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Unexpected Gift Bracelet

Dinner with my landlords (what a stuffy word that is!) is always a great pleasure. Their home is furnished with carefully selected antiques which brings a sophisticated and warm atmosphere to their home. They are not afraid to set their dining table with beautiful, antique china and the food served up is always delicious. More importantly they are both wonderfully fun and genuine people who bring intelligent and witty conversation to the table.

It was after dinner this week that I was having an enthusiastic conversation with Landlady P about our mutual love for antiques and the extra thrill we get using (or wearing) an item that was owned by our mother, grandmother or one of the greats before.

Quite suddenly Landlady P exclaimed that she had a 50s bracelet that had been her mother's. She could never wear it herself because of an allergy to the metal used in it. With no daughters of her own to pass it on to, she asked if I would have it and wear it.

Of course I replied that if she was sure she didn't mind giving it up that I would be delighted. She could be sure that it would be well loved and worn often.

She bought out a bracelet made of sweet baby-bubblegum pink lucite bars on an expandable metal frame. It was so sweet and perfect that I'm sure my eyes went sparkly as I looked at it.

True to my word, the bracelet is getting a wear out today with a light pink shirt, black slacks, pink shoes and a pink feather headband. I built the outfit around the bracelet which I'm sure is an unusual thing to do.

Admiring how my new bracelet suited, I wondered how easy it would be to find others like it. An Etsy search turned up a few 50s expandable bracelets.

I hope Landlady P is happy in the knowledge that her mother's bracelet is being worn and loved again.

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