Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January wrap-up (with outfits)

I feel like January was a good month, despite the days with temperatures in the high 30s (degrees celcius) and then a cyclone causing havock across Brisbane.

My month feels incredibly full when I think of it all: 

  • I had plenty of visitors and a dinner party or two.
  • I went to high tea at French and Mor with my sisters and aunt.
  • I had the chance to dine out with friends and order in with family.  (Best restaurants of the month are Kitchen Sanitarium on Eagle St Pier, Brisbane and The Fox Hotel at Southbank.)
  • I watched the original Superman movie for the first time and was enthralled by Poirot (Agatha Christie TV Series). 
  • I antique shopped with my bestie, Sassy D and fabric shopped for a 1920s dress in the making.   
  • I worked on my 1940s dress-in-progress that I posted about here.  
  • I had coffee with the ever amazing Mae Em.  (Vote for her in the Miss Pinup Australia competition both on the website and on the iphone app!)
  • I inherited some beautiful glassware, china, tablecloths, embroidered doilies and a super-cute embroidered apron from my Grandfather's estate.
  • I went out to the 'Dressed by the Best' exhibit at the Queensland Museum, showcasing dresses designed and made by Gwen Gillam, Brisbane designer in the 50s - 70s with a few of the awesome ladies from the Australian Costumers Guild.
  • I heard the 'Thrift Song' for the first time.  I know!  What rock do I live under?
  • I went out with my best girls to watch Les Miserables and spent half the month badly singing the songs from the show to myself.

I hope you also had a good January, full of fun and memorable events.

I have already posted a few of my outfits from January in my previous post but here are a few others that I wore out and about (usually to work) during January (and early February!)

 Dress:  70s tea dress (Atomic Martini Vintage)
Jacket: 40s silk jacket (Recycology - Love Vintage Show Brisbane)
Neckerchief - blue silk headscarf (Chapel St Bazaar, Melbourne)
 Shoes: Wittner beige peep toe shoes.

Accessories:  navy bangle (Fat Helens, Chapel St Bazaar) and beige beret.

 Dress:  60s autumn colour dress (Treasure Trove, Chapel St Melbourne)
headscarf - blue silk headscarf (Chapel St Bazaar, Melbourne)
 Shoes: Wittner beige peep toe shoes.
Accessories:  green carved bangle (Remember When - Kustom Kraft Show Dec '12) 
& beige necklace.


Dress:  40s nylon dress (DeniseBrain, Etsy)

hat: Black cloche hat (Portmans)
 Shoes: Target black stiletto pumps
Accessories:  pearl earrings and 70s silk scarf (gift from my Mum)


  1. Oh, I love seeing items on their new owners! Thank you for sharing this on your blog. Any chance I could add you (I don't use names) to my Facebook album of images from customers?

    This is the album:

    1. I'd be delighted!

      My good friend also bought a dress from you in the same order. I have a photo of her wearing it here and she has confirmed with me that she'd also be happy for you to put it on your facebook gallery if you wanted to.

      Yours is one of my favourite Etsy stores and I was so impressed with the service, packaging and speed of postage when we made the order with you.. I'll definitely be ordering again!

  2. Oh my gosh, yes, there's that brown eyelet dress on your friend! Great photos, both of you!!

    Thank you so much, I'm really glad you like the items and you have made my week with your pics!