Friday, February 15, 2013

A Closer Look - 60s Green Princess Dress

It has occurred to me that the way I do my outfit shots doesn't allow you to see all the details of the clothes or accessories that make up the outfit.   This is a real shame because it is those little details that make vintage pieces beautiful.

This is a new series of posts which show one of my vintage wardrobe pieces in detail with closeup shots and other details I can provide about it.  For these posts I will be using photos without a filter so you can see the true colour of the items.

The first item on display is one I call my '60s Green Princess Dress'.   I call it this because one day when I wore it to work one of my colleagues told me she thought my dress was very 'princessy today'.  The seller had it marked as being a 60s dress

Green 60s Princess Dress

Bought from: Cassie's Corner stall at the Brisbane Vintage Fashion Fair (Bris. 2012)
Paid:  $76
Era:  1960s
Fabrics:  Mint green plissette (?) cotton and white cotton lace.  The fabric is rather sheer (you can see through to the coathanger in the photos below.)

Interesting facts:  I thought the length of the dress was a little short and that the hem looked recently done.  Later I found the exact same dress for sale on Etsy (seller daisyandstella) but with the original full length.  This not only proved my theory about the change of hem length but also showed that it wasn't a home-made piece as I had thought.

Worn in oufits:  here and here and here.

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