Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beautiful Books!

I am so grateful that friends around me appreciate my interest in vintage items and think enough of me to gift me with pretty and special things they find in that field.

My husband's work friend was helping downsize his grandparent's goods in their home.  One of the items to go was a 1920s book on wearing clothes in colours and cuts to suit your features.  He was kind enough to offer it to me and I was all big eyes when saying "oh! Yes please!"  I hope to take some photos of the illustrations inside and include a few snippets of the information contained within at a later date.  But for now, here's a photo of the gorgeous cover.

The next gift was my bestie, Sassy D, who was at an antique store on the Sunshine Coast when she saw a music book with an Alice in Wonderland theme.  She immediately thought of me and bought it - and I love it!  Each piece in the book is a theme for one of the characters from the tale of Alice in Wonderland.   The scores are simple enough for me to play and are very whimsical.  One day, when I feel confident enough I might record myself playing them on my piano and post on this blog.  But I'm very shy when it comes to my (lack of) piano skills so that might be a while coming!

Another book was a gift from Lady L.  She bought this from a sale of old library books, thinking of how much I'd enjoy it.  She was right.   I commented on how beautiful the cover was before she had a chance to tell me it was a gift for me.  I also love the hark back to a time when people created their own entertainment at home and parties using their own musical skills.  Again, the music in this book is simple enough for me to play and sing.

Scout-Mama C knew I would love this old cook book with a careful selection of recipes guiding a beginner through their early cooking adventures.  The pancake recipe in this was wonderful...

Still in a cookery theme, my long-time friend Ja Ce saw an old Queensland School Manual for Home Economics.  These are such wonderful basic recipes - designed to teach young people to cook.

Lastly I received this beautiful manual of manners in the 19th century from my lovely friend, Landlady P last night.   It has some of the most darling fashion plates and photos from the 1800s throughout.   My 2014 project list included making a 1860s outfit so this will be some good inspiration!

 It is a strange feeling when people recognise my love of something and care enough to gift me with items they think I'll love.  When the item belonged to a loved one I feel somehow great and humble at the same time - proud that I've been given charge of something that meant something to that person. 

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