Friday, October 18, 2013

Awesome Hat Day

A conversation with a workmate about our fabulous fur hats led to the design of a fundraising day at work called "Awesome Hat Day".  

The idea was that people wear hats and donate a gold coin (or just donate if they be hat-shy) and all funds collected would go to Blue Care.

Blue Care (more commonly known as the Blue Nurses) is a not-for-profit organisation run by the Uniting Church to help improve the lives of the infirm and elderly.  They help people in a number of ways including at-home visits by the Blue Nurses, community programs to help elderly connect and the operation of a number of nursing homes.   Their at-home visits allow many elderly people to remain in their own home rather than be relocated to nursing homes.

On the day I took in a hat-box full of hats for those who didn't have one or forgot.  We raised a decent little sum of $160 for Blue Care and I got the chance to wear my super-amazing 60s soft sheepskin hat.

I knew that a big furry hat required an outfit to match.  You can't wear a hat like that with jeans and sneakers...

Dress: Black 40s dress (Denisebrain Etsy)
Cardigan:  Black frill-collared cardigan (Target)
Shoes: Oxblood red heeled boots (Joanne Mercer)
Accessories: AWESOME HAT - a 60s brushed sheepskin hat, pearl earrings, silver and pearl brooch, navy and polka-dot scarf (all thrifted except the earrings).


  1. Such an AWESOME hat. Gotta love the sheepskin. :P

    1. Thanks Mel! The sheepskin is brushed so finely that originally I thought it was fur. So soft and lovely!

  2. Just look at your cheeky grin! Well done on the fundraising!

    1. I'm really glad we were able to raise a decent little sum on a day when most people in our office were away. Maybe we'll find you an awesome sheepskin hat on this week's thrifting adventures!