Thursday, June 13, 2013

Autumn Outfits

Cooler weather has finally hit Brisbane and I've been loving it!  I like to be able to add layers to an outfit, particularly cardigans, but there's only a matter of months where the weather in Brisbane is cool enough to allow it. 

Dress:  50s Dacron dress in Autumn colours (Melbourne buy)
Jacket: Lovers black work jacket
Shoes: Wittner peep-toe pumps
Bag: Kate Hill black bow large handbag
Accessories:  Black tights, black pashmina scarf, beige beret, beige bead necklace.

Dress:  70s (?) cobolt blue, navy and white plaid shirtdress with original belt.
Cardigan:  Target black cardi with ruffle at front
Shoes: Black, pointed Target pumps
Accessories: navy scarf and black tights, pearl earrings.

Jacket: 70s burnt orange trench coat
Dress: Tempt black office jumper dress
Blouse: Black satin collared blouse worn under jumper dress
Shoes: Black Target shoes.

Blouse: Jay-Jays white button-up blouse
Skirt: Beige and brown barkcloth skirt with blue flower highlights (Kustom Krafts Sandgate Stall)
Cardigan: SES cheap brand cardigan.
Shoes:  light blue Whittner moccasin flats
Accessories:  Light blue 50s scarf (Chapel St Bazaar), blue bead necklace (Remember When), blue headband, brown oversized bag (my Grandma).


  1. Aw, you look lovely dear. Makes me feel like I really need to put more effort into my outfits of a morning.

    1. Thanks Mel! Maybe, if you're short on time in the mornings you could plan your outfit the night before. I do that when I'm feeling organised.

      I read a post on a vintage forum once where a girl planned an entire week's worth of outfits on the weekend and had them all ironed and ready to go so she could just roll out of bed, shower, dress and go.