Sunday, October 14, 2012

Outfits last week

My little wardrobe is slowly, slowly growing.   I'm starting to get to the stage where I can wear something vintage on most days of the week.

Here are some of the outfits from last week:

Dress:  60s green sundress (Cassie's Corner)
Shoes: I love Billy off-white slingbacks
Headband: Mimco

Coat: Late 50s/early 60s powder blue coat (Atomic Martini Vintage)
Dress: 70s or early 80s tea dress (Atomic Martini Vintage)
Belt: Jackie-E
Hat: Portmans cloche hat
Shoes: Naturalizer

Coat: 70s teal trenchcoat (Atomic Martini Vintage)
Dress (underneath): 70s floral dress  (Atomic Martini Vintage)
Bag: 60s cane bag (La Bella Donna Vintage)
Scarf: Teal, orange and cream scarf (Ipswich Antique Center)
Hat: knitted beret from Sportsgirl
Belt: Jackie-E
Shoes: Rebel London

Links out to some of the vintage stores named here (all Brisbane based):

La Bella Donna Vintage
Atomic Martini Vintage
Cassie's Corner

Please bear with me while I play around with styles of images to work out what I want to make the standard for this blog! ;)


  1. Jealous. I just wish that I could fit into original vintage items. You look fabulous darling!

  2. Thanks Mel.

    One of these days I'll have to get your measurements so if I come across anything on Etsy that I think you'll like in your size I can shoot you the link.

    It's not all success though - even the dresses I do fit don't fit me particularly well because of my short waist. There's usually a bit of gape around the neckline or puff around the torso where the extra fabric bunches.

    This is why I need to get a hurry along with my sewing projects!